Friday, January 6, 2017


         I am just making my 3 month check to see how you all are getting along.  Splendid, I see.
         I am in the throes of trying to sell a house and getting 28 years of treasures  sorted.  I have done very well with the boxes of quilting fabric and books.  My quilt guild members were pleases to receive my many books and boxes of fabric and sundry items.  I still have enough if I ever get back into quilting again.  I am hoping by the holiday Gabe and I will be hanging a wreath on the front door of my new home in Woodstock, VA. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Piggy Back

Dipping my toes in the water once again.  Joined the Piggy Back Saving Money Challenge.  Hope to save enough to get some new fabric for curtains in my new home...
I have missed you all and your interesting and informative blogs.  Pam

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My best friend and husband died last Friday.  Our family were all altogether for a last goodbye.  Bob was
 happy that our son and granddaughter could spend the week with us. He was able to tell her how much he loved her and so proud she has grown  to such a delightful young lady.   Bob and I  have had a wonderful 60 years together with such great and wonderful adventures.

Monday, July 15, 2013

This is my doll quilt for Vickie out in Utah.  The one I received from her is absolutely  wonderful.  The theme for this month was fantasy...  I would like someday to have chickens.  Then I dream of being able to fancy machine quilt.  Vickie has accomplished that, no doubt about it.

This is the beginning of my doll patch for July. I'll bet you can't guess the theme.

I have canceled out of this group. I have just to many irons in the fire at this time.  I really received a variety of doll quilts from  ever so many clever, talented quilters out there. 
Pam from Boston, VA

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Still moving along but a bit slower.

Reporting in...hope you all had a happy fourth and good stuff to eat. 
I have been really one busy gal this past month.  Bob was in the hospital in May.  He is still one sick guy.  He goes tomorrow for an operation to remove a tumor from his bladder and then in two weeks a epidural for his back pain.  This is a guy 82 years old who has seldom ever had any medical problems.     I have been his care-taker so I have not had much time to call my own. Been trying to catch up on the doll quilt exchange and I no sooner start to sew when something comes up. 
Fortunately we can afford to have a house cleaning team come in every other week.  Then we also have another guy who comes and mows and trims the grass when it needs it.  I have tried to keep the vegetable garden up.  Boy you sure can tell the head gardener has not been in attendance. I ordered a new garden tool today.  I read about it in the N.Y.Times in a column about new gadgets for the handicapped.  A long handled shuffle hoe.  When I checked the garden this evening I thought, hmmm just what I need.  Look out weeds, here I come. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

All this in May

Roberta's doll quilt for  May

Here is my May doll quilt exchange for Roberta.  I am sorry it will be late but we have had quite a bit going on here in Boston this past month.
First Bob has been in the hospital with some kind of infection in his blood.  He is home now but has a tube (pic line) with antibiotics.  He also has an oxygen bottle that certainly makes it easier to breath. I was real nervous about tending to all that but now it old hat. 
     Then I had a cataract and new lens in my right eye.  Vision really improved.  Amazing the progress made in that field.
The biggest news ----applause and trumpets---we have been married 60 years today. Many happy memories and some exciting times.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I want thank to all the gals for the wonderful comments.  Enjoyed being part of this birdie blog.