Friday, March 3, 2017

dipping my toes in...

Wondering where I've been? I moved and settled in the Shenandoah valley. Living in a small town called Woodstock. Two grocery stores, no fabric shops and a big turkey farm a few miles down the road. We had a small house built in my family's back yard, just perfect for poodle (Gabriel) and me. Funny spring this year, cold, warm, dry and rain. Our yard is filled with blooming daffodils and Lenten roses. The Lenten roses we brought from our old home in Boston. Lisa has her Dad's green thumb and is turning our yard into showplace. Her husband, Howard, does most of the donkey work. I have connected to a small quilting group here in town. I had planned on giving a lesson in Seminole patchwork in January but developed a staff infection in a bone in my toe. Hospital and home with a pic line for six weeks. I had that taken out just this past Tuesday. Ready to try again tomorrow. I saw a window display of Seminole patchwork back in 1978 and then quilt bug got me.

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